Crimea crisis shifts to ‘military stage’ after soldiers killed

The crisis in Crimea has shifted “to a military stage” as the Ukrainian government responded to the killing of one its soldiers by authorising its troops to open fire to defend themselves from Russian forces.

Hours after Vladimir Putin formally announced the annexation of the occupied Crimea region into Russia, a Ukrainian soldier was apparently shot dead as pro-Kremlin forces stormed an army base.

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100 people dead in Ukraine clashes

The head of the protesters’ medical service said 100 people died and 500 were injured in fighting on Thursday, just hours after the government declared a truce in fighting.

Drone footage released shows a birds eye view over Kiev:

A livestream is also showing the Ukrainian revolution:

A little reminder of what goes on in Russia before the Olympics start. It’s these reasons why I will never go to Russia, and I advise if you are a part of the LGBTQ community or support LGBTQ rights you shouldn’t go there either…

Human Rights Watch video:
Raid on gay rights activist report: